Saturday, December 20, 2014

Detect Mojo mini-contest begins!

To keep voters entertained and make voting more interesting, I'm announcing a mini-contest: Detect Mojo! The point of the contest is to encourage fans of RPG Superstar to vote tirelessly but also to vote responsibly instead of just clicking away without thinking.

When you're voting, whenever you see an item you think is going to make the Top 32, add it on your list. It's good to remember that sometimes "what I like" and "what I think will advance" are not the same thing. Try to guess what other voters are likely to vote for, and what the judges are likely to choose.

To make the task a little less arduous and because it's quite impossible to see every single item in the voting, you don't have to pick 32 itemsonly 20. That way it's also easier to calculate your mojo percentage.

How to play Detect Mojo

All you need to do is make a list of up to 20 magic item names you have seen in the voting. Once the Top 32 is revealed, you can calculate your score (see below) and post your score along with your list of items on the Paizo boards. I'll make a thread for the contest sooner or later.

Note: Do not post your list anywhere publicly before the reveal!

Deadline: No deadline as such, but voting ends at 2 PM Pacific time on 13 January 2015.

Eligibility: Basically anyone (except RPGSS judges) can join in on the fun.

Contest prizes: I don't have any fancy prizes this time, but the winner earns the title "Master of Mojo". There are no official referees to check your list before the reveal. I originally planned something like that but decided to go with a more unofficial and relaxed contest. So, the honor system is used.

Each item on your list that makes the Top 32 or comes close nets you a number of points as detailed below.

  • Top 32: +5%
  • Alternate: +4%
  • Top 100: +2%
In other words, the maximum score is 100% (20 × 5%).
  • Note: If an alternate later joins the top 32, your score won't be updated - only the initial ranking matters. 
  • Note: The top 100 category may be something else this year. It's really up to the round 1 judges if they want to reveal which entries almost made it.

Last year there was no Detect Mojo contest, but I did compile a list of 21 items which I'll use as an example. Since the list should have no more than 20 items on it, I'll leave out the last one.
  • Abiding Light
  • Boots, Tower
  • Boulder Thrower's Kit (Top 100)
  • Crown of Webs (Top 100)
  • Ever Beating Heart
  • Fetish of the Frog Queen (Top 32)
  • Gauntlet of Earth Shattering and Elevating (Top 100)
  • Gloves of the Aura Thief
  • Goblet of Liquified Cognition (Top 32)
  • Groundbreaker Cloak (Top 32)
  • Harbinger's Knock (Top 100)
  • Linebreaker's Sabatons (Top 100)
  • Planar Rift Spike (Top 100)
  • Poltergeist Knot (Top 32)
  • Scatterstone (Top 100)
  • Slaying Shroud (Top 100)
  • Specter Net (Top 100)
  • Spellmason's Mallet (Top 100)
  • Star Cinder (Top 32)
  • Tactician's Go-Ke
That's five Top 32 entries (+25%), no alternates, and ten Top 100 entries (+20%) for a total of 45%.

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  1. Sounds like fun, I have 3 items on my list so far. (4 if I include my own awesome entry)


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