Friday, February 20, 2015

The Wyvern

A wyvern hunting the shores of a still desert lake
I present to you a small collection of photographs of one of my favorite classic monsters, the wyvern. It also happens to be one of my favorite Pathfinder Battles figures.

For Pathfinder gms, wyverns (CR 6) are great to use as wandering monsters and in side-trek encounters against parties that have their training wheels off, but aren't quite ready for the challenge of true dragons. Wyverns are simple to run, feel dangerous to mid level parties, and allow players to get an early taste of dragon-slaying. Paizo's particularly well done figure also helps the wyvern make a big impact at the table—it definitely gets the players' attention.

There are variant wyverns to choose from, too. Higher up the CR ladder, you have the forked-tail wyvern (CR 8 | pfsrd | paizo ), and a lot higher, the barbtongued wyvern (CR 15 | pfsrd | paizo).

After looking at these pictures, do me a favor—if you're running a homebrew, send a standard or variant wyvern, or a flight of them, after your players the next time you have a chance to fit it in. Just for me, choose a number of wyverns or variants to get the encounter up to epic difficulty (CR = APL +3). After you play it out, come back and leave a comment describing your encounter and how it played out. I'd love to hear your stories.

Wyvern attacks!

A wyvern hunting the shores of a still desert lake  |  alternate (sky = backlit d6s)

Wyvern portrait

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