Friday, September 15, 2017

Here Be Monsters 4: Out of the Primal World begins NOW

Having survived monsters from online wishes; Hell breaking loose; and from beyond the stars, Swords for Hire is getting ready for a battle between creatures from the mysterious realm of the fey!  

Here Be Monsters 4: Out of the Primal World, the fourth season of the annual Pathfinder RPG monster design contest from Swords for Hire Development, begins NOW!

We're calling on game designers to create a single monster with the theme "Out of the Primal World"—creatures whose origins tie to the strange realm of the fey. But there's a twist: Monsters may be any creature type EXCEPT fey. Five finalists will be picked by the Swords for Hire team, consisting of Paizo contributor Mikko Kallio, accomplished freelancer Jacob W. Michaels, and RPG Superstar Mike Welham.

The Top 5 entries will go on to be judged Jacob and Mike, as well as Joe Kondrak, who has made the list of finalists in the first three Here Be Monsters contests (and thus isn't eligible to compete anymore). Special guest judge Adam Daigle, a Paizo developer who has designed and developed hundreds of Pathfinder monsters, will return for his third year to add his comments before the finalists going on to a public vote to determine the grand winner.

A Sword for Hire