Joe Kondrak

Joe Kondrak is a freelance designer and production artist in Minneapolis, MN, where he lives with his wife Mary. When he's not working, he spends his time pursuing creative hobbies and playing lots of Pathfinder. He has combined one of his hobbies (photography) with his love of Pathfinder by taking interesting and dynamic photos of the RPG miniatures he uses at his gaming table.

After designing a non-advancing wondrous item for Paizo's RPG Superstar 2014 contest, Joe became enamored with the process of designing for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. 

You can see examples of Joe's photos of RPG miniatures here on A Sword for Hire. You can see examples of his other creative work at

Joe's designs for Pathfinder RPG:

  • Wayfinder #11 | Flue Hag (bestiary entry)
  • Wayfinder #12 | Heroes' Hoard: Bajaba's Beetles and Reeds (article with 9 magic items), Giant Khopesh Scorpion (bestiary entry)
  • Wayfinder #13 | Staff of the Sinister Eye (appears in "Professor Nicodemus’ Emporium of Wonders")
  • Wayfinder #14 | Primitive and Deadly (4 magic weapons for giants)
  • Wayfinder #15 | Bonesteel Brine and Unguent (items), Giant Knifewing Dragonfly (bestiary entry)
  • Here Be Monsters | Finalist (Sianach)
  • Here Be Monsters 2: Hell Breaks Loose | Finalist (Hellhorn)
  • Here Be Monsters 3: From Beyond the Stars | Finalist (Strife Wasp)

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