Thursday, February 25, 2016

Here Be Monsters 2 Voting Booth

The Top 6 monsters have been revealed! Now it's time to vote for your favorite monster!

We are using the Poll Maker website for voting. Clicking the link below takes you to the voting booth where you can cast your vote.

Enter the voting booth

The voting is open for seven days, i.e. until the 3rd of March. The winner is revealed shortly after the voting closes.

Top 6: Hellforge Slag by Steven Hanis

Intense, glowing red eyes are the only visible contrast on this humanoid, walking heap of crumbling metal and filthy black dross. The pungent smell of burning coal and sulfur along with the grating screech of grinding metal give this denizen of hell away long before its unsettling stare can be seen.

Top 6: Headless Devil by Landon Bellavia

A four-armed, humanoid torso sits fused to an emaciated equine body with ebony wings. The neck ends in a bloody stump, and each hand grips the coccyx of a gory spine that ends in a gaping human head.

Top 6: Hellfire Gorger by Isaac Volynskiy

This oversized bulbous worm is covered in pale corpulent faces with sealed shut lips, erratically sputtering fetid flames from its many nostrils.

Top 6: Enabler Devil by Eric Hindley

This slim-hipped, broad-shouldered man has flawless skin and shoulder-length, dark hair. A pair of white-feathered wings sprout from his back.

Top 6: Hellhorn by Joe Kondrak

Steel fangs and jagged shards of flint protrude from the cavernous maw of this monstrous rhinoceros. Obsidian scales cover most of its tough hide, and the horn on its greasy snout glows red hot.

Top 6: Protean, Anomiak by Gabriel Almer

Strings of ever-shifting symbols run across this serpentine creature's scales and disappear in a flash as they converge at its horned iguana head.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Here Be Monsters 2: Statistics on the Submitted Entries

The submission deadline for the Here Be Monsters 2 open call was last Thursday. We received a total of 29 monsters, and the judges spent a few days voting on them to determine the Top 6. We have now chosen our finalists and started commenting on the six monsters.

The Top 6 will be revealed Thursday next week, but meanwhile, I'll be posting some data and statistics about the 29 entries. Below are some stats:

Challenge Rating

  • CR 2: 2
  • CR 3: 3
  • CR 4: 4
  • CR 5: 2
  • CR 6: 3
  • CR 7: 5
  • CR 8: 3
  • CR 9: 1
  • CR 10: 2
  • CR 11: 3
  • CR 14: 1


  • Lawful Evil: 23
  • Chaotic Neutral: 2
  • Neutral: 3
  • Chaotic Good: 1

Monday, February 1, 2016

Here Be Monsters 2: Useful Links

Below are some useful links for people thinking about submitting a monster!

Please note: Some of the advice below was originally written for RPG Superstar contestants. Most of the advice applies to Here Be Monsters, but be careful not to include any references to Golarion in your monster entry, for example.
A Sword for Hire