Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Here Be Monsters 2: Statistics on the Submitted Entries

The submission deadline for the Here Be Monsters 2 open call was last Thursday. We received a total of 29 monsters, and the judges spent a few days voting on them to determine the Top 6. We have now chosen our finalists and started commenting on the six monsters.

The Top 6 will be revealed Thursday next week, but meanwhile, I'll be posting some data and statistics about the 29 entries. Below are some stats:

Challenge Rating

  • CR 2: 2
  • CR 3: 3
  • CR 4: 4
  • CR 5: 2
  • CR 6: 3
  • CR 7: 5
  • CR 8: 3
  • CR 9: 1
  • CR 10: 2
  • CR 11: 3
  • CR 14: 1


  • Lawful Evil: 23
  • Chaotic Neutral: 2
  • Neutral: 3
  • Chaotic Good: 1


  1. Whether it ends up as a finalist or not, I'd love to take a look at that CR 14 to see how the author managed the high CR within the word count (maybe I'll get to see it on 25th?)

    1. Depends, depends. If it makes the Top 6, you'll see it, naturally. If not, only the author has the permission to share the monster. Meanwhile, maybe check out the Occult Bestiary, which has many ~500-word monsters in it, including high-CR ones.

    2. Got it.

      The main reason I posted the comment here was in the hopes that the author might see my comment and would perhaps share the entry with me (in the event that the monster is not one of the finalists).

      I will definitely check out the Occult Bestiary—thanks for the info.

  2. Super excited to see the results. I sure had fun coming up with my concept and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing what other folks (well, the Top 6 anyways) came up with!

  3. I always felt that CR7 was a sweet-spot for monsters. Looks like a lot of people agreed!


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