Advice articles


Archetypes, part I: Outlining your archetype
Archetypes, part II: Going through the original class
Archetypes, part III: Archetype length


Some thoughts on encounter design

Magic items

Magic Item Advice 1/3: longsword of fireballs
Magic Item Advice 2/3: fire-blossom blade
Magic Item Advice 3/3: aurora's edge?
Loot & Experience part II: Mikko's recipe for a wondrous item


Map-making advice: The one-look principle
Thoughts about Map-Making: The Player's Perspective
Loot & Experience part III: Making of House of the Serpent's Son map


Loot & Experience part I: General advice for RPGSS
Designing for Pathfinder: Searching for the Right Words 


Lessons in Monster Design, Part I: Descriptive line
Lessons in Monster Design, Part II: Stat block—overview & the top part
Lessons in Monster Design, Part III: Stat block—defense & offense
Lessons in Monster Design, Part IV: Stat block—statistics & ecology
Lessons in Monster Design, Part V: Special abilities
Lessons in Monster Design, Part VI: Name, concept, and write-up
Notes on judging Round 3
Monster design tips: #1 There are many unwritten rules
Monster design tips: #2 Focus on what makes the monster exceptional
Monster design tips: #3 Monsters aren't all that different from wondrous items
Loot & Experience, part IV: Designing scary, creepy monsters


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