Jacob W. Michaels

Jacob W. Michaels has been gaming for 30 years, since he was introduced to Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in the third grade, when he vaguely remembers discovering a laser pistol on an expedition to the Barrier Peaks.

A newspaper editor in eastern Pennsylvania, he's a two-time finalist in Paizo's RPG Superstar, making the Top 16 in 2012 (when he garnered acclaim for his Unfettered) and 2014 (when his guttersnipe was among the top monsters). He had his first module, Ironwall Gap Must Hold, published in 2013 by AdventureaWeek.com and his work has appeared with Raging Swan Press, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Rogue Genius Games, Flying Pincushion and Wayfinder.

He lives with his faithful hound, Holiday, who hasn't inherited his interest in gaming, but enjoys when her dog friends come over during games. His parents and sister have always been supportive of his hobby, and he appreciates his wife's encouragement, even if her reaction to watching her first (and only) gaming session was "there are some things you can never unsee."

He can be found on Paizo's messageboards under the screen name Motteditor.

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