Saturday, April 5, 2014

Upcoming updates

So, recently I've been slowing down the pace to just one post per week so I can keep up.

Here are some of the upcoming articles I've been planning and preparing (they won't be necessarily published in this order):

  • Loot & Experience: Maps. I discuss some techniques for making a map for RPGSS (or home games, or whatever purpose you need a map for).
  • Non-disclosure agreements: What they're like in the RPG business and in other fields, and why it is important to know about them.
  • Interview with Victoria Jaczko, this year's RPG Superstar.
  • Making of: The House of the Serpent's Son. I'll discuss the process of making the encounter and map.
  • Loot & Experience: Monsters. I discuss things that I think make interesting monsters which you can use to create exciting encounters.
  • Serpent's Stash: Fleshbinder. In 2011 I was an alternate in RPGSS. No-one was DQ'd that year, so I didn't advance. Which was awful since my entry for round 2, the fleshbinder archetype, was one of the most popular entries among the judges.
  • Serpent's Stash: Leftovers. I recently sent a few monster pitches to a publisher, but some of them didn't make it to the product. I might develop one or two of the leftover pitches to complete monster entries if/when time allows.

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