Friday, May 2, 2014

Broken Freelancers II top 8 announced!

I just heard that the top 8 finalists in Raging Swan's Broken Freelancers II contest have been announced. The top 8 includes many Blazing 9 regulars, which I think shows that practice makes perfect. :-) Congratulations to everyone who made the top 8! Here are the finalists:

  • Mark Hoover: The Vulture King (EL 9)
  • Kiel Howell: The Creeping Coins (EL 10)
  • Christopher Wasko: The Carrion Hunter (EL 4)
  • Mikael Berg & Jens Demandt Mouritsen: Desert Rose (EL 6)
  • Fabian Fehrs: Children of the Sky (EL var.)
  • Nick Wasko: Mojepe’s Grove (EL 9)
  • Daron Woodson: Lenate the Lovesick (EL 6)
  • Jacob W. Michaels: The Sting of Sun and Sand (EL 6)
If there'll be a third Broken Freelancers contest, remember to submit something! (I might too if I'm not as busy with other work as I was this time around.)

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