Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sellsword, part III: July-August 2014

There was no new weekly blog entry last Saturday, so I'm posting one now. Some details about my latest freelancing experiences!
  • A new Adventure Path, Giant Slayer, was announced last month at Paizocon. Which means I can now reveal something about the monster assignment I've been talking about in my previous Sellsword updates. I designed four monsters which should appear in three volumes of that AP. Let's hope they all make the final cut! They're all my original creations, and I'm very excited about bringing something new to the game. Can't wait to see the monster art! As soon as the volumes in question are published, I'll discuss them in more detail.
  • I'm currently wrapping up another really interesting and challenging project. More about that when the title is announced!
  • It looks like I might be involved in an as-of-yet unannounced Kickstarter, probably designing archetypes. I'll very probably also get to interview the mastermind behind the project!
  • I approached a publisher about freelancing work about a week ago, but haven't heard back from them yet. Which is no surprise, considering that everybody's getting ready for GenCon.
  • A few weeks ago I heard a bit more about the schedule for the PFS modules that Mike, Robert and I are writing later this year. I'm not sure if I'm at liberty to reveal more about it yet, so I won't.
  • As I mentioned in a teaser update recently, I'm planning something fairly big. Ok, here's another teaser: We've got [redacted] on board, who you all know for [redacted], [redacted], [redacted] and [redacted], and possibly also for [redacted] and [redacted]. We've also got three awesome [redacted] which means you all shall have awesome [redacted] if you [redacted]!!!
  • Sent a wondrous item to SKR so he can use it as a teaching example on his RPG design course.

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