Sunday, September 14, 2014

Here Be Monsters: Submissions closed!

The open call ended yesterday at 2 pm PST / 5 pm EST / midnight here in Finland. We received nearly 40 entries, which is a lot, and Jacob, Mike and I start choosing which ones we want to keep. I already know there are more good entries than we have spots in the top 5, so it won't be easy.

And I want to thank you all for thatthanks for not making it too easy for us!

The two weeks before the top 5 reveal will no doubt be the toughest part for the contestants. Waiting is always the worst part. Meanwhile, I'll be writing new blog posts about the contest, including:
  • statistics,
  • a monster I created with comments from Jacob (so you can see what to expect when the top 5 is revealed), and
  • a list of things I usually comment on when reviewing a monster.
Stay tuned!

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