Saturday, April 18, 2015

Homebrew Files: A Goblin Snake's Lair (layered full-size encounter map)

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I still consider myself a novice gm, but on February 8th, 2013, I was a true greenhorn about to run my 3rd session of Pathfinder on the 9th (for a party of six second level dwarves). Green or not, I like to be prepared, so I had planned a few encounters and had stat blocks on hand for each group of opponents.

For one of the encounters, I was ahead of the game, with notes and an outline already completed. Since I had time to spare before the session, I decided to sketch and print out my own map for that encounter, full size, to be used at the table. My inkjet printer will print on sheets up to 13" x 19", so it didn't take too many sheets to tile together. Still, I sketched with "light coverage" in mind (you know how it is with inkjet ink). Once I finished the map, I decided to add notes so I could have a smaller cheat-sheet to help guide me through the encounter. I'm accustomed to working in layers, so that part took no extra time.

Download the layered PDF:
(open in Acrobat to view
 and toggle layers)

What do you think?

I'm interested in hearing your comments and questions about producing and using homemade cheat-sheets like this, and whether you'd be interested in seeing other files and materials that I've made to support my homebrew campaign. This file and others from my campaign do not represent formal designs, but rather offer an informal peek behind my gm's screen.

Since making this map, I've made a few in a similar style for the same group (they're all 8th level now), as well as other hand-drawn maps and a whole host of other documents. I don't always print my own sketches this way, since I also love to use Paizo's flip mats and Chessex's vinyl mats. Sometimes I fabricate and set up my own 3D terrain (nothing too fancy), and plan to include store-bought 3D terrain in the future.


  1. I'd love to see any maps you have planned for future games...
    More seriously, this is awesome!


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