Monday, June 8, 2015

PaizoCon Swag Bag: Horned Demon

At PaizoCon 2015, besides having a blast, meeting great people (including the First Sword himself, Mikko Kallio), and learning a great deal about designing for Pathfinder, I also received a bunch of cool merchandise in the convention's swag bag.

Among the many items I was excited to receive were a copy of Wayfinder #13 (there's an item of mine in that issue, by the way), a deck of Pathfinder Cards: Tides of Battle (which I plan to use the next time I run a game), and 2 Pathfinder Battles booster packs!

From one of those booster packs, I pulled out a Pathfinder Battles Horned Demon, and from the other, followers of Lamashtu. Usually, when I post photos here on A Sword for Hire, I select them from my large and ever-growing catalog of existing photos. For today's post, the photos are more current. In fact I took these photos just the other night, using the figures I received at the con.

Each photo has a different lighting scheme, and focuses mainly on the demon. I crafted the stone features (stalagmites?) out of polymer clay and painted them just prior to taking the photos below. I needed them and a bunch more, too, for an upcoming session I'll be running.

In these photos, I aimed for capturing the viewpoint of heroes about to do battle with Lamashtan cultists and a summoned or otherwise-bound demon.

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