Thursday, March 3, 2016

Gabriel Almer wins Here Be Monsters 2!

Gabriel Almer's anomiak protean got roughly one third of the votes cast, winning this year's Here Be Monsters design contest. Congratulations, Gabriel!

I'll be contacting the winner and the runners-up within a few days about the prizes from our sponsor Legendary Games and contracts with the publisher Rogue Genius Games.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and thanks to my fellow judges Adam, Jacob, and Mike, all the voters, Tommi Salama, Jason Nelson of Legendary Games, and Owen K.C. Stephens of Rogue Genius Games!


  1. Congrats.

    When can those of us who didn't place be able to ask for commentary?

  2. Congrats Gabriel! I figured your Beastie would be tough to beat. I'm so excited to see them next to each other in print!

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