Friday, January 16, 2015

Ambush at Copper Gorge

When I gm or play Pathfinder, I like to imagine the action from eye level, which helps me stay immersed in the game. Sometimes, the stats, rules, dice and paper can encroach upon or even eclipse the fantasy and role-playing aspects of the game. When that happens, I turn to my camera and miniatures to get my imagination going.

Here's a photo showing my interpretation of a 2-vs-2 encounter in a gorge, right as initiative is rolled. When I imagined the scene, I was thinking of two 4th level PCs (a caster and a martial) in an epic+ encounter against a hill giant and an orc (CR 7+). Imagine how such an encounter might play out. With the giant on high ground throwing rocks, and a climb check required to reach him, should they just run? If the 2 PCs are poorly optimized, I think they're in trouble.

The scene features a paver in my own garden—tipped on its edge. The giant's perch is a stone used for edging.

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  1. Very nice shot. I love the texture, colors, and shadows. As for the encounter, I'd add something more to it. Perhaps there should be several big chunks of rock that the PCs can use as cover against the hill giant's ranged attacks OR they can climb a rock and leap from one rock to another.


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