Friday, January 23, 2015

Missed Shot

Now that the top 32 have been revealed in RPG Superstar, I know I missed my shot. Am I disappointed? Yes. Am I upset? No. Why?
Because the contest itself is entertaining, engaging, exciting and enlightening.

  • It's entertaining because there are 32(+) creative designs to enjoy and imagine.
  • It's engaging because of the entrants, fans, judges and Paizo's messageboard community. As a whole, they're a creative, thoughtful, interesting and welcoming bunch.
  • It's exciting because there is much more to come from people who have already wowed us once!
  • For would be designers and future entrants, it's enlightening to learn what did and didn't advance, and to read all of the comments, straw polls, judges' remarks and critique threads.

Let me echo Jacob, here, too, and urge you to stay engaged even if you entered and didn't advance—don't let the sting of not advancing take the wind out of your sails. For would-be designers who didn't make it, this is a chance to add a +1 natural armor bonus to that thick skin you should be working on. If you stay engaged all the way through to the end, you'll learn a lot on the way, too.


  1. Very cool (and sage) post.

    How do you do the light effect?

  2. Are you saying that just because I echoed you? :)

    I use a 5nm green laser in a lot of my photos to suggest "eldritch". In this shot, the laser is actually striking the elf's finger rather than emanating from it. In a future post, I'll include an animated version with the ray "firing up".

    A set of other-colored lasers is on my short list for photo gear, so I can work up some prismatic spells. In next week's photo, I think I'll include some real flames.

  3. love this photo. Fighter looks to have 'Heros Breath' for a shield, and rogue has the 'interrogators ally'...

  4. Very cool, Joe (and, of course; I'm all about self-promotion ;p ). I was wondering if it was done via Photoshop, but even neater to do it old-school.

    How long does it take to set up a typical shot?

  5. Anywhere from half an hour to 90 minutes, and then shooting the photos can take a similar amount of time. For these kinds of photos, I haven't done any photoshopping yet, and prefer to keep it to mechanical effects. In other areas, such as my day job, I use photoshop a lot, so I see some possibilities. I do use it for the animations.


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